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Try These 5 Easy Homemade Evening Snacks For Kids!

Kids are usually very finicky about food, and most of the time, parents have a hard time selecting snacks that the little ones can munch in the evening. If you are feeling a little experimental and want to cook a few recipes that are easy, tasty and different from one another, we have five options below you can consider.

  • Cheesy French fries. With frozen French fries, you can make a simple yet lip smacking recipe at home. Just place the frozen fries in a tray, add some mozzarella cheese on the top and bake as per the instructions. Unlike fried French fries, baked ones are better for sure, and your kid will love the gooey cheese on the top. You can add more flavor to the recipe by adding pasta or pizza seasoning, and on days when you have nothing else, just sprinkle some oregano.
  • Happy smiles. Potato smiles are available frozen, and you can buy a packet to make this simple and crunchy recipe. Fry the frozen potato smiles. Place them on a tray to get the layering done. Add a layer of lettuce and top it with some chopped onions, tomato and mayonnaise. You can also sprinkle some seasoning of your choice.
  • Tikki burger. A tikki, for the uninitiated, is basically a cutlet or patty that’s made of potato. You can find ready tikkis in the market. To make your own burger at home, first fry the tikki in oil. Heat your burger buns with some butter. Add the veggies of your choice with tikki and a slice of cheese. You can serve immediately or can grill the burger.
  • French fries chat. If you have more of frozen French fries at home, you can make what Indians call the chat. Bake or fry the fries first. Take a big bowl. Add chopped onions, tomato and cucumber, with a touch of olive oil and a dressing of your choice. Now sprinkle some salt to taste and add the French fries. Toss everything together and top the serving with some mayonnaise on the top.

  • Potato wedges spiced. You can also make potato wedges at home, or choose the frozen options. Just bake/fry the wedges, add some salt and pepper to taste, throw in some onions, chunks of cooked chicken and veggies of your choice. This is a nice fulfilling salad which kids will love.

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