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Renting a Stairlift

When you find it difficult to ascend your stairs, you may look into purchasing a stairlift. When your difficulty is only temporary, you should consider renting a stairlift.

Stairlift rental is perfect for situations such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Injury
  • Guests


When a woman is blessed to fall pregnant, there are a lot of physical ailments that follow. One of the most common drawbacks of pregnancy is difficulty walking due to the extra weight and the pressure a fetus puts on the pelvic region. As pregnancy progresses, many women adopt a waddle similar to a penguin to make walking easier. However, waddling down stairs can make you move quite slowly, and it can cause you to lose your balance and fall down the stairs. If you’re pregnant and find it difficult to descend your stairway, a stairlift can provide an easy way to get between the different floors of your home.

After an Injury

Accidents happen. When you break a bone, especially one that is vital to walking, you may find it hard to manoeuvre many steps. Instead of using underarm-crushing crutches to take on each step one at a time, consider stairlift rental in Solihull for the duration of your healing.

For Your Guests

Many people host their families during the holidays. Instead of making elderly guests climb your stairs, you could rent a stairlift for the holiday season. Not only will this gesture make you seem like a gracious host, but it can also prevent falls. Nothing puts a damper on the holiday cheer like Gran breaking her hip after falling down the stairs. You’ll be the favourite family member, and you can rest assured that your in-laws and elderly family members won’t injure themselves on your stairs.

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