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Five Reasons your Plumbing Lines can Leak

Water leaks in your home can cause more than just water damage to your ceiling and floors. It leaves you wasting plenty of water and spending more on your monthly water bill. That is why you will want to know how and where leaks usually start to avoid more issues down the road.

Below are the reasons your property’s plumbing lines can leak:

The Drains are Clogged

Store-bought drain cleaning solutions are usually the go-to option for dealing with clogged drains. However, they cannot effectively clear all drains. If your drain is still clogged, you need to contact an experienced plumber to review the issue. It is likely for the professional to insert a camera to inspect the plumbing lines and use a hydro jet to get rid of the clog. Plumbers know about the various kinds of blockages and how to effectively remove them.

The Pipes are Damaged

A cracked or leaking pipe should not be ignored. The pipe carries water to your household under intense pressure which could make the crack bigger and cause the pipe to burst. Your pipes can burst very quickly and could flood an entire room in just a few minutes. This makes it important to maintain the pipes regularly to check for cracks before serious issues can take place.

You Have Old Pipes

Over time, pipes can corrode and cause cracks that leak. If you have at least 10-year old pipes in your property, they may be showing some signs of wear and tear now. You should get them checked by a plumber right away. The plumber may suggest repairs or replacements. Usually, it is best to replace old pipes because these pipes are made out of iron that tends to rust easily. Your plumber will recommend copper pipes because they are rust-resistant, durable, and lightweight.

The Seals are Damaged

Your plumbing system includes appliances such as dishwashers and clothes washers which also require maintenance. As these units experience wear and tear, their seals become damaged and less effective. Damaged leaks must be replaced to prevent further leaks.

Ground Movement

Underground movements such as earthquakes and the movement of tree roots can interfere with your underground pipe system. Ground movement can cause the pipes to twist, bend, and become cracked. You need to hire plumbers to inspect and maintain your underground pipe system. This is the best way to avoid costly repairs later on.

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